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Meet the Staff

Bob                    (click photo)

Bob thinks he runs and manages the kennels day to day, but as he is working with Lisa and the others, in reality he is just the office boy!

“Although I built a lot of the kennels, I am now relegated to the office where I can do less harm! Of course, I also enjoy chatting to you when you call”

Lisa                (click photo)

Lisa is the assistant Manager and makes sure all the jobs are done and everyone is happy..

“Life is never boring, there is always something different to do. We have a a lot of fun and a really nice atmosphere to work in”

Alexandra (Ally)

Ally used to be a vet nurse in her home town, Limassol, in Cyprus, but we are now proud to have her 'on our staff'. She is also our resident groomer, and will be happy to chat with you to ensure that your pet gets the pampering that he or she needs.

"Working with animals gives me such joy, and I love being here in such a happy and worthwhile environment. I am always happy to discuss your grooming needs."



We originally welcomed Jess for her work experience week from school, and now, having completed a course in Animal Management at Easton College, during which we were also glad to see her for the same reason, we are very happy to welcome her as an essential part of our weekend team.  

"To work with animals has always been my dream, and I really enjoy looking after all your wonderful pets, and making sure that they also have a happy 'holiday' of their own!"


Kerry          (click photo)

 Kerry is our in house veterinary nurse.

She not only helps look after all the guests, but is also on hand should anyone feel under the weather.      Her Qualifications include:

B Tec first animal care
National animal care
HND Animal science
6 years experience, working for our local vets

“We will happily continue to administer any medication needed during their stay although I don’t need that as an excuse to spoil and pamper the guests”


Alex is breaking new ground, both for him and for us.

He is our first Apprentice, and is doing an animal management course. He has already worked his way into our team, and is now a very valued member of our staff.

We wish him well!

"I am so happy to be given this opportunity to work with animals. I get so much joy from them, and also from being accepted here. I am learning all the time, and will make sure that all our guests have the special care they deserve!"

Nicola             (click photo)

Nicola is the official treat distributor and if the truth is known probably spoils the guest a little too much.

“I’m must admit I can be a sucker for puppy dog eyes, oh and smiles, and cute faces. Okay I admit I can be a soft touch but hey they are worth it”


Pete is a true all rounder!
Pete not only works with the animals (if you call cuddles and playing work :-) he also helps with the upkeep and general maintenance of the place. He can often be found out in the van collecting and delivering as well.

We love Pete to bits, Its fair to say he loves spending time with all our guests. He is often first to arrive in the morning and if he isn’t told to go home at night I im not sure that he does!!!

Beverley  (Bev)   (click photo)

Beverley originally came to us as a work experience student, but we wouldn’t let her leave.

She is a total natural, she is fun loving and all the guests love her. She gets involved with all aspects of the job, but can normally be found playing with the guests outside. (Whatever the weather)

"Working with the dogs, and all our other guests, is the highlight of my week, and I will always make sure that your pet is loved and cared for so that they enjoy their stay."


We welcome Kerri as a valued member of our weekend team.

She is currently studying Photography at Norwich City College, (when she can tear herself away form our guests!)

"Working with our beautiful friends is very therapeutic after a stressful week. Their friendly greetings are always such a joy."


Mia             (Click photo)

Mia is one of the resident entertainment crew. Her jobs include collecting and welcoming the new guests. She loves to play and organizes a whole variety of games. She may look tough but she is one of the softest and friendliest team members.

 Chloe            (click photo)

Chloe is in charge of security; she monitors the cameras and takes the occasional booking. She likes to think she is really hard and dangerous but we know otherwise!




Bonjunk        (click photo)

Bonjunk is supposed to be in charge of the laundry. But in reality he spends most of his time napping, when he isn't inspecting the food to make sure that it is fit for use! He also loves to meet and greet, but be aware you won't get away without a cuddle!!!!

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